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Beyond borders - Covid-19 communication in Scandinavia

For more than a year, the world has been under the spell of the coronavirus. Communicators all over the world are fighting Covid-19 with all the resources they have. Time to take a look at how other countries are tackling communications.

Kortom vzw is the association for government and social profit communications in Belgium. We bring together more than 1,200 communications professionals working in government and social profit organizations.

We strongly believe that communication professionals can learn from each other and it is one of our goals to connect communication workers so they can inspire one another. We like to look beyond our borders and this year we focus on learning from the Scandinavian countries. 

Invitation to join

In this webinar, we look across borders at corona communication in Scandinavia. How do Norway, Denmark and Finland communicate about Covid-19? In what areas do we see similarities and where are the differences? And what can we learn from their communication approach?

We kindly invite our colleagues from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and The Netherlands to join the webinar. We would love to share experiences and learn from each other. 


Three Scandinavian communication professionals share their experience: 

1) Norway - How did the municipality of Stavanger communicate with and to young people?

During the second wave, young people played a major role in the spread of the virus in the Norwegian municipality of Stavanger. The municipality therefore set up a communication team to focus entirely on youth communication. A story about memes, Tinder and dialect as the new communication tools in the fight against corona.
Inger Hanne Vikshåland is a communications advisor at Stavanger Municipality, the fourth largest city in Norway.

2) Denmark - How the Covid-19 campaign team uses data-driven communication to reach different target groups 

The starting point of the communication strategy of the Covid-19 crisis team in Copenhagen? Data, data and more data! The team receives constant updates on where corona is spreading in the city and more importantly, among which populations. Based on that information, they adjust their communication to different target groups. A Danish case study on how data analysis works in practice and leads to better target group communication.
Victoria Louise Tilsted is a communications consultant at City of Copenhagen and a part of the Covid-19 campaign crisis team. Before City of Copenhagen, Victoria has worked at the Danish Parliament and the foreign service. Her specialty is strategic and political communication.

 3) Finland - The use of influencers for spreading official government communications – and why it is important to understand human behavior

Can influencers play a role in spreading government communications? Absolutely, says the Finnish government. Finland has even classified social media influencers as critical actors to society during a crisis, along with doctors, bus drivers and grocery store workers. During this talk we dive into the collaboration between influencers and the Finnish government in their common fight against the coronavirus. 

Päivi Anttikoski is the Director General, Government Communications of the Prime Minister’s Office in Finland.


Practical information

  • When? Tuesday, April 20, 2021 from 2PM - 4 PM (Brussels time)
  • Where? The online platform Zoom.
  • The full webinar will be in English  
  • Registration is free, but obligatory

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